Our Fall production is

This delightful musical is based on the much-loved book by E.B. White. Music and lyrics are by “Annie” composer Charles Strouse with script by “A Christmas Story” librettist Joseph Robinette.

 “Charlotte’s Web” tells the story of how Charlotte, the clever spider, saves Wilbur’s life by weaving interesting words about him into her web and turning him into a celebrity so that Mr. Zuckerman decides that the famous pig, winner of a special blue ribbon at the County Fair, won’t ever be sold to be turned into ham and bacon.

 All the familiar characters are here, including Charlotte, the kind and wise spider who vows that her friend Wilbur will not be turned in to ham and bacon when the cold weather comes; Wilbur, the piglet who is the runt of the litter and who is about to be “done away with” because he is too small to be worth keeping; Fern, the little girl who begs her father to let her raise Wilbur herself; Homer Zuckerman, Fern’s uncle, who agrees to let Wilbur live in his barn so that Fern can visit him every day; the geese and sheep who live in the Zuckerman barn and who become Wilbur’s friends; and Templeton the rat, who doesn’t care what happens to Wilbur until he realizes that there would be no delicious slops for him to share if Wilbur is killed.

 There are also a number of supporting and featured characters in the cast, as well as a large ensemble of Townspeople, Spectators and Fairgoers. The delightful songs in the show include “Who Says We Can’t Be Friends” (Charlotte and Wilbur), “Summer” (Mr. and Mrs. Zuckerman and Ensemble). “Nice to Meet You” (Barn Animals and Templeton), “Eating” (Wilbur), and “Wilbur” (Fern).

 The Box Office will open in October.


Friday, November 22, 7.30 pm

Saturday, November 23, 3.00 pm

Sunday, November 24, 3.00 pm

Friday, November 29, 7.30 pm

Saturday, November 30, 3.00 pm

Sunday, December 1, 3.00 pm

11 Station Road, Head of St. Margaret’s Bay

Tickets: $10 adults, $5 children, students and seniors

Gift Certificates available for any amount

Please book online at www.unicorntheatre.ca

The Unicorn Theatre acknowledges, with thanks, funding received from the Bay Treasure Chest