About the “Pegasus” program 

Pegasus is an enriched theatre program for young people in Grade 7 and up. It provides exciting opportunities for aspiring actors, as well as for anyone interested in “behind the scenes”: stage management, costumes, sets, props, technical, etc.

Since the Pegasus program started in 2016, we have hosted several workshops on different aspects of the theatre: Musical Theatre, Acting Techniques, Improv, Stage Makeup, Lighting and Sound, Stage Combat, Playwriting and Cosplay. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, Pegasus members have taken part in annual Creation Projects, which see them write, perform and be responsible for all the backstage tasks involved in putting on a theatrical production. The play for 2017 was “Ooh Canada!” (see panel at right); the 2018 show was a Murder Mystery Dessert Theatre: “One Way Ticket”. In June 2019, our Dessert Theatre returned with a new take on well-loved stories: “Fractured Fairy Tales”. Plans are now underway for the 2019/2020 Creation Project (see below).

Now you can become a member of Pegasus!

As the Pegasus Program grows and continues striving to provide unique and challenging theatre opportunities for young people, we also aspire to create a supportive community for our participants and want to encourage an ensemble-type feeling among the Pegasus youth. Our ambitions this year are to produce accessible workshops, events, and shows that challenge and support our participants’ artistic goals and provide them with the best possible instructors, supplies, and opportunities.

To do this, we’ve created a membership program that offers a number of benefits for Pegasus Program Members. A yearly membership price is $40 and includes the following:


·       discounts on Pegasus Program workshops

·       free participation in any Pegasus shows

·       exclusive invitations to all events hosted by the Pegasus      Program that year

·       a free Pegasus Program t-shirt

·       a nicely printed poster from that year's Pegasus Program show

·       membership card.

 The membership fee helps to cover the day-to-day maintenance of the Pegasus Program, the costs of copyright for songs and materials used in the annual show, the printing of scripts and programs, supplies for workshops, workshop instructors’ fees and props or costumes pieces for the production.

All are welcome to participate in the Pegasus Program workshops, shows and events. You do not need to be a member to participate or to become part of our community; however, members will receive discounts and some Pegasus Program swag. Please email unicorn.theatre.pegasus@gmail.com for more information.

Members of Pegasus (Unicorn’s enhanced theatre program for young people in Grades 7-12) worked hard on the project for six months, with assistance and advice from Mentors/Directors Katerina Bakolias and Grace Dean.

Work on the project began in January. First, a small but mighty team of writers created a lively script and decided on a selection of Canadian songs to include. Then the show was cast, a support team was assembled and rehearsals began in May. 

The show was called “Oooh Canada!”. It was entertaining look at the many facets of Canada’s personality and culture, through the eyes of young Canadians.

The cast took the show on the road to between June 24 and 29, performing at Tantallon and Keshen Goodman Public Libraries, the Museum of Natural History and Halifax Central Library (audience: 150 people). The show on Canada Day at Unicorn Theatre’s home base in the Bay Community Centre attracted over 100 people!

Thank you to everyone who was involved in this highly successful project!

unicorn.theatre.pegasus@gmail.com with any questions about Pegasus.